You Can Evolve Yourself Online - If You Pay The Price of Effort and Discipline.

Understand: In this current era of technology - you have a world of information at your fingertips.

Take advantage of it.

First things first - if you are on social media - you need to be using IT instead of it using YOU.



Don't bring your anti-social behavior to social media. You're gonna either adapt to what's happening or get left behind. Social media is about CONNECTING with new people, keeping up with old ones, learning more and pushing what you represent to improve your life and increase your bank account.

There are no excuses online - nobody cares what your background is, it's about are you creating real value and do people wanna pick up what you're putting down. People rant and rave constantly about how social media is ruining us in terms of human connection, and whether you believe that or not - it's empowered you to connect/get access to almost anyone - for free. What you decide to do with the opportunity is 100% up to you. 

Take a step back and REALLY look at the fact that whatever you want to know about ANYTHING - is on the web now.... and if by some random freak accident it's not? You have a blessing in disguise - because you can create it. Look at your parents and realize they didn't have this. 


While you're here consider this: 

  • You can learn from some of the most affluent people on the planet.
  • You can travel to other countries (in virtual reality) and see what they are like from a video on youtube and plan it out BEFORE you go. 
  • You can start building real relationships off the web (Trust me, its how I met some of my best friends)
  • If you have a business - you can promote and sell your product, idea, service, and perspective - direct to the consumer across the world.  
  • If you're not as social - you can use the web to connect you with people who are likeminded. 


There are no sob stories anymore - If you don't have a computer, you have a cell phone, if you don't have a cell phone - you have a library. 

Put in the effort and discipline online to give you the tools to improve your life. I've personally made 1000's of dollars off the web and although what I was doing didn't last - that's just the power of the internet, social media, and the right information can change your ENTIRE LIFE if you take it seriously. Nothing for real comes without WORK and a fucking lot of it.


For yall that are complaining: UNSUBSCRIBE FROM THE BULLSHIT. 




I know I get it.... Trust me I'm on facebook too (@LegendRival) - I see that the majority of people use Facebook as their personal therapist as they complain about their lives (read the previous blog post) but you gotta understand... social media is a remote control and your feed reflects what you decide to tune into. 


Let me get you hip to some tools - so you can again: UNSUBSCRIBE FROM THE BULLSHIT.


These magical tools are called UNFOLLOW, HIDE, BLOCK, and DELETE! 


delete gif.gif


So NEXT TIME you see one of your "friends" posting that bullshit. Do the Heizman on that hoe and use one of the wonderful tools above get rid of that hoe. If you too pussy to do it - you deserve what you get. Yup. Straight like that.

Unsubscribe from the bullshit and get your energy right and you'll be much happier I promise. 

Understand: Social Media is a TOOL. You can use this thing for good or evil -  or nothing at all. Like anything else in life, your resources are what you decide to do with em.


Key: Dont let the bullshit outweigh the good shit. 


Yall be easy and clean up your fuckin feeds. I'll holla.







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