Overconsumption. Are You Full Yet?



The world. The internet. It's 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - The constant bombardment of things, people, and stuff all for your attention and energy. 

Be aware and guard your energy with your life. The things you give your attention to will grow in your life - for the better or worse. 


  • TV = Watching other peoples lives.
  • Social = Watching other peoples lives.
  • News = Watching other peoples lives.
  • Games = Watching (fake) peoples lives.
  • Porn = Watching other peoples sex lives.


Don't get so caught up in other people lives - that you forget about your own.

We're all product of the things we consume - from the food we eat that shapes our bodies, to the media and books we consume that affects our mind, to the people and relationships we have within our lives. 

So why does it seem like everyone is stressed, anxiety-ridden, overworked, exhausted?




I got the answer - overconsumption of fucking EVERYTHING. We're eating too much shit from the world. 


If you feel like this - especially consistently - it's potentially a sign from your mind to slow things down and re-evaluate. (Don't be lazy as fuck though


Sometimes you just gotta take a break from things and turn your phone off, not chill with anyone, refresh and relax. This world will run you ragged if you let it and if you don't take care of yourself (mentality, physically, spiritually)  - no one else will.  

On your life's pursuit of whatever you want - make sure you do take the time out FOR YOURSELF. We're fuckin wired to do everything for everyone else and then when it comes to things we need for ourselves and our peace of mind - we put that shit on the backburner - until later becomes never until we crash out. 


Key: You can't pour from an empty cup.


All I can really say at this point is: Don't EVER forget to take care of yourself.


Build Something For Yourself.

You Can Evolve Yourself Online - If You Pay The Price of Effort and Discipline.