Does anybody make real shit anymore?


I had a conversation with a co-worker about “friends” and what that term means now a days. He believes people aren’t really interested in connecting on a deeper than surface level now a days.  Everyone’s too busy for that.


I mean, really investing into other people for the long-term - with the exception of their significant other.


In our text me-don’t call, social media, tinder, bumble- swipe your life away era we live in - is it true?


Even in my own personal life ... the majority of the friends I’ve made feels situational, transactional or based on something that isn’t really solid.


People ask me how I’m doing all the time.... but it’s not too many people who’s gonna sit with you for a couple of hours and listen for the real answers.


I have friends and people around who tell me they love me damn near every time they do see me (which isn’t much) and honestly - I have a hard time believing them. I find myself asking the question - well is it them or is it me? Probably both.


I’m always asking ....  Do you really care or you just being nosey? How do you tell the difference? Nobody tells you how to vet the people you let in your life...


I’ve been done dirty by people who said they loved me... like we all have. I’m still figuring who really got love for me and who’s just around for what’s to come.


How can you say you love someone when you don’t really know them? That requires work and real time. The good, the bad and the ugly. Conversations with space for both of us to be very real. Some questions you may not like and some info and some  answers you might not understand. I can’t just move in your world... you have to be able to move in mine as well.


People don’t want to be close, they want to be comfortable.



People now a days just strike me like “You’re great until you stop acting a certain way and doing the things I want you to do.”


I have my part to play in this thing so I’ll take my credit... it’s hard to build with someone who you don’t really see. I definitely be out the way a lot... I’m just working and figuring out my life at this point.


Every person I meet I’m like.... in this relationship - Do I keep it 1000 or do I play politics?


People say oh just keep it real... but there’s a time and place for everything and everything doesn’t need to be said.


I’m a lot. People are a lot.


Life is very much a people game ... can’t deal with em & cant deal without em....


I’m out.

Build Something For Yourself.