Build Something For Yourself.



Society tells you to fuck with everything and everyone except for yourself


I believe that everyone in America should have a business for themselves and the people they care about. That's just my own personal philosophy. 

We live in a capitalistic world. Now more than ever, you have access to the tools to build something - anything for yourself. Now, will it sell? Will it work? That's a different conversation entirely - but don't be so quick to take your ideas to the grave. Ask yourself: What's your contribution to the world? Are you here to help or are you just existing? Everyone has things they think about doing - but never really do bc of ___ (insert excuse here).

People might need or want that idea, that product, that service that's in your head you've been sitting on for years.


Nobody says this when your small or starting out but: your contribution matters.


Building something for yourself gives you a sense of empowerment. It gives you confidence and a sense of ownership and control over your reality. (or maybe that's just me)


just do it.gif


Whatever your thing is - DO IT.  It might not be the right time, you might not know the right people, etc etc etc - but plan it out and make moves so you can DO IT.


Key: Shine your light. You might not see it right now but someone - somewhere needs it.


This little light of mine..... lalalala

till next time ladies and gentlemen. 





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